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When did you start cosplaying and why did you start?

I started cosplaying at Kumoricon 2007 when one of my best friends took me along. I felt so out of place walking around in normal clothes even though there are so many other people not dressed up so the last day of con I threw together a closet cosplay.

What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done and why?

To be honest all my cosplays are my favorite when they are new. Though my current favorite is Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara (mainly because that is my current obsession)

What do you do to come up with a cosplay to make?

I cosplay the characters I like from a series. Most of the time that turns out to be males or bad guys and half the time both. On rare occasions I will cosplay with a group from a series I am not too familiar with. I do always make sure that before I go to a con that I know about the character and at least the basics from the series.

What was your hardest cosplay you made?

  1. What made it hard?
  2. What was the easiest thing about it?

As I continue cosplaying my costumes have been getting harder. I am not going to lie I have bought a few of my costumes like Kuja, the Organization coat, and most of the Naruto characters I did at the beginning, but I have started to move away from that and make my own. As of now my hardest one has been Date. I made about 90% of it on my own. I had a little guidance on sewing the jacket from Kayla but she mainly let me stumble through it. The pants, sweater and the shoes are the only thing I did not make, though all three were altered by me to obtain the desired results.

1: What made it so hard was the fact that I haven’t really made any detailed costume on my own like that before. I have done a little bit of armor making in the past but I really wanted this one to look as good as I could make it. I don’t think I have quite gotten there yet either. I am still thinking of ways I can improve it. I am also still a beginner sewer but I am teaching myself how to sew better. That jacket was the hardest thing I have sewn to date.

2: The easiest thing surprisingly was the armor. It wasn’t hard at all just time consuming, a lot of sitting around and waiting for glue or paint to dry. To make the armor I simply followed the craft foam armor tutorial for the most part. I may have skipped a few steps or substituted some things like the armor coloring method.

Have you ever competed in a masquerade or other kind of cosplay contest?

  1. if so, what was the most memorable part of it?

Yes, I have. Sakuracon 2008 was my first cosplay contest. I was an extra in a skit. The only other time I was on stage wasn’t for the actual contest but for the entertainment during judging at Kumoricon 2010 with the anime hunters.

1: I would have to say the most memorable part of it was the friends I made. At Sakuracon 2008 I only got asked to be part of the skit because someone was wearing the same costume as me. Because of that I met Bangbang Neko and became great friends with her. And through her I meet Yatta Cloud and became friends with the Anime Hunters. 🙂

What would you tell to some of our readers who are new to cosplay and what you did when you first started.

One thing you should always know is that this is for fun. Don’t take it too seriously and don’t take anything personally. Everything is a learning experience. Go into things with an open mind and you will have a good time. Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. There are many costumes I thought I would never be able to do and I have found myself wearing them at a convention within a year. Use the internet and peers to get ideas on how to make things. One other thing that I strongly suggest is if you are going to a convention join the forum for that convention, and if at all possible arrange or go to meet-ups to find other cosplayers in the area. When I first started going to cons I had no friends that were in to cosplay. The girl I went with the first time was her first time too so she didn’t know anyone either. All of my cosplay friends I have now I have met either through meet-ups or through cons. Cosplay is something that is very quickly growing. A lot of people are beginning more familiar with it but there are those that are not. When you are outside of con space you should make sure you are on your best behavior. This may be the first time someone see and hears of it so you want to make sure you set a good example and not be one of those cosplayers that is running around screaming and generally annoying people. Yes conventions are fun and they can be very exciting but please be on your best behavior.

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