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Before we kick this off, I’d like you to read these posts: thread (Start at post #56)

And this one from the convention’s forums.

These two little forum posts are all about a convention in Ottawa, CAN called Naru 2 U.

I want to go over something not seen on these posts, and one thing you do see on those posts.

What you didn’t see was according to people, at this convention’s closing ceremonies, the convention chair, Michael Zwicker, blamed the convention’s low turnout…. wait for it…. on the attendees. That’s right, because people didn’t bring a friend or two, the convention suffered. Don’t blame it on the fact you had problems the previous year, and not handing that with the convention community properly. That negative publicity certainly had nothing to do with your attendance dropping over 40%.

Mr. Zwicker may very well be a shining example of how NOT to oversee a convention. You presented a product, people didn’t want it, and that’s your own fault. If you had problems the previous year, you show how you addressed those problems to encourage people to return to your convention. Look at PAX. They had a swine flu outbreak in 2009 which, at the time, was freaking the whole world out. What did they do? They told people with confirmed cases to give them flight information so others could be warned to get checked. Last I checked, they were doing pretty well.

What was seen on the convention’s forums, however is something that raises the bar in terms of essentially telling your customers to go away. And I quote:

7) Compensation to panelist.
Ok so you want compensation… I’ll give you a free weekend pass ($24.99 Preregistration)if you cover the equipment rental for your panel. If you need a projector it will be $50.00, $25.00 for the Screen, and $30.00 for the P.A system as this does not come free to me to buy or to repair or replace bulbs and have for your disposal for your panel.

For those not doing the math, you’re paying more than triple a 3-day pregistered admission to hold a panel with proper tech. This absolutely blows my mind. I understand this is a for-profit enterprise here, but this goes above and beyond fleecing your attendees. You do not, unless the panelists broke it themselves with malicious intent, charge your panelists the cost of normal use of equipment. You’re becoming the convention equivalent of the airline head who wanted to charge people to use the restroom on flights.

I don’t see how blaming someone who spends their own money on a convention, or the people who work hard to bring you fan-made convention entertainment are to blame for your own financial and publicity shortcomings, Mr. Zwicker. Promote your convention better. Listen to the feedback people give you. Give people more incentive to go. Making a step to lower your admission for you 2011 con may be a good step in the right direction, but at this point, with the outrage you have caused, I fear that’s not good enough. Congoers are not stupid, and until you realize that, I fear your convention career may be in severe jeopardy.

Yes, but does he dream in 8-bit? ConGear site of the week!

Posted: November 17, 2010 by bresslol in Plugs

Hey everyone!

As many people know, I am a huge gamer, and I have a huge appreciation for the classics. That said, a buddy of mine, Eric Bailey, is making an attempt to play and review every single NES game ever made. The ConGear team would love for you to check out his reviews – – and watch him on his quest to review over 700 games!