The ConGear Crew

Congear is a blog and Youtube show where four hosts (Bressler, Bronte McKinney,  Tanis Nikana, and Mike Warthen) bring you all the events from fan conventions in the area, and other fun bits of opinion and culture.


Jon Bressler:

Bressler, hard at work.

Jon Bressler has been attending conventions for seven years, since Anime Expo 2004. He has staffed various conventions since, including Sakura-Con, Kumoricon, and MEW.

Jon is an avid gamer, enjoying all types of games.

Jon is the co-host of Under Sedation LIVE!, a geek podcast that airs live at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific every Saturday on

Jon lives in Seattle and works as a QA tester for a major game publisher.

Tanis Nikana:

Tanis' secret love is bacon

Tanis Nikana, reviewing stuff at you

Tanis has been attending cons since 2006, a veteran of eleven different conventions, and had a brief stint with Kumoricon back in 2008 before focusing all his efforts into MEW Con, where he’s had a variety of positions, including Vice Chair, Human Resources, and Publicity.

Tanis loves him some board games and card games more than nearly anything else ever. Except the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Tanis also assists with, produces, and sometimes hosts game shows for 3 Guys Productions.

Tanis is living a stress- and drama-free life with just himself, and he has every intention of keeping it that way. Hopefully.

Mike Warthen:

Justin Bieber's Older Brother?

Mike is an avid cosplay troll. He enjoys spending his time at con hanging out with his good friends and photo bombing on them.

But when he isn’t terrorizing the masses with his half naked body (Red XIII) he spends his time at home catching up on the latest anime in beautiful Beaverton Oregon.

Mike has been to many cons including Kumoricon, Sakuracon, MEW Con and Akicon (With this year being the first time.) Most of his extra time spent usually goes to gearing up for future cons and working on his latest cosplay.



Bronte McKinney:

Coming soon!


Chip Lawson
Chip is our on-location camera clam and stuff-doer when we are doing shows or reviews. He likes sunglasses, bottles of Cognac, and dressing up like Wesker.

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