Interview with Arlette Resendiz!

Posted: April 6, 2011 by Mike in Interviews

Its Wednesday again! And that means its time for interviews! So here you are! Arlette Resendiz from The Female Gamers Alliance Network!


Q: When did you start cosplaying and why did you start?

A: I started Cosplaying in 2003. A friend of mine organized a Halloween party, and I actually wanted to wear a video game costume. I began constructing Edea from Final Fantasy VII. At the time, I was unaware of the term “Cosplay”

Q: What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done and why?

A: Oh boy… I would have to say Miss Tron Bonne with the Giga Servbot and the Green Gustaff from Megaman Legends and Marvel VC Capcom 2 and 3. I am a huge, HUGE! (Believe me when I say it), Megaman fan.

I began playing Megaman Games since I was 6 and from there on, I’ve collected all the games as well as action figures, propaganda or and anything that can be collectible and rare. I always wanted to Cosplay as a Megaman Character, but there are not that many girls in the Megaman Series (the ones that exist are very effortless). I could Cosplay as Roll by wearing a wing, but I find her insufferable.
The first time I played Megaman Legends, I immediately connected with Tron. She and I are so alike in so many ways. When Marvel VS Capcom 2 came out, I immediately said “Holy CRAP!” There she is again!! I’ve entered many Marvel VS Capcom 2 tournaments and won with her assistance. Tron is so awesome, Capcom made a spin off game just for her.
These and many other reasons would point Tron as is my ultimate favorite Cosplay. I love Tron very much. I am her. She is me.

Q: What do you do to come up with a cosplay to make?

A: First, I look at 3 things:

Do I love the character? Can I get the materials? How am I going to transport this to the Convention?.
When it comes down to Cosplaying, I never ever consider the following: Weight, How comfortable the Cosplay will be, and if people would recognize my character?
All I care about is that I love the character, I have fun making it, and to always make sure it looks just the way it should. I like to make good Cosplays so I know I did the best I could.

Q: What was your hardest cosplay you made?

A: Bahamut from Final Fantasy X… that Cosplay made me cry… about 6 times in a row. I’m not kidding.

Q: What made it hard?

A: The wings. I didn’t know how I was going to make the wings work. The Cosplay ended up weighting 40 pounds! Considering I am 5’1 feet tall, I wore and carried those wings on my back for 8 agonizing hours. The funny part was that even after all the frustration; I had the time of my life. Oh yeah!, I burned myself 4 times with the hot glue gun. I have the burn marks to prove it. Not fun at all.

Q: What was the easiest thing about it?

A: O__O

I really cannot think of an easy part about Bahamut. That Cosplay was literary… a BEAST!! *Shivers at the thought making another Bahamut cosplay* X__X

Q: Have you ever competed in a masquerade or other kind of Cosplay contest?

A: I have actually. The first time I participated was at Anime Central in Chicago 2008. I Cosplayed as Samus Aran from Metroid Prime and won the Novice Category. The second time was at Anime Central 2009 with the Miss Tron Bonne Cosplay with the Green Gustaff and Giga Servbot from Megaman Legends and Marvel VS Capcom 2 and won under the Journeyman’s category. The Third time was at Anime Central 2010 with Bahamut from Final Fantasy X and won under the Master’s Category.
Super Special Awesome Ultra Special Feeling.

Q: If so, what was the most memorable part of it?

A: To know that my hard work was rewarded in the most fantastic and possible way. My family means a lot to me an although they do not understand the concept of Cosplaying and what it means to fans like us, I was very happy to know they were proud of me.

Q: What would you tell to some of our readers who are new to cosplay and what you did when you first started.

A: HAVE FUN!! Make a Cosplay for yourself and not for others. Make it because you love the character. I found out that if you relate to your Cosplay character, you end up putting more effort, time and energy. This pushes you to go the extra mile just to make sure it looks great! Make sure you start making Cosplays with plenty of time. Don’t rush! Also, dollar Stores are your BEST FRIENDS. Always use coupons to buy your material, even if it means you have to visit the store 300 times to exchange a coupon at the time. This process saved me a lot of money.

Ultimately, Cosplaying is almost as if you were paying a tribute to the characters you love so make your Cosplay a good one!


Thank you, Arlette, and you guys can find her work on her web page The Female Gamers Alliance Network as well as her Cosplay.Com!

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