Something I want to chime in on…

Posted: March 28, 2011 by ConGear in Con Review

Last week, A typical gamer in a Bioware’s forum went off on his obvious homophobia and it being in his Dragon Age II. The great response that follows from the lead writer of the series, and essentially told him to get with the times and stop gaming in 1965. A glorious response indeed.

My problem with this, however, is the fact that this is still a problem. Homosexuality, in any media, has been around for a while. The show Will & Grace was the first show to bring homosexuality to the American forefront, and it’s been in media since. It only got introduced to gaming in 2004, when it was possible to have a homosexual relationship in Fable. I don’t remember people complaining about it then.


As a gamer, I’ve had to hear the word “gay” used as a demeaning slur since I played Counter-Strike and Quake in the late 90s. Most of those gamers have grown up, but we still hear it. With the inclusion of mute in games, this isn’t a problem, and usually rarely you can ask someone to use a different word, and they will comply.

I guess my point here is that gamers need to grow up, and more importantly, realize that the world is evolving and becoming tolerant of homosexuality. I understand it’s hard to compromise to that fact, since you have to finish your 10-man raid, or try to get your 25-kill streak in before dinner, but  some guys like guys, some girls like girls, and some people change gender. It’s a fact. Deal with it, or shut up.


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