Bressler’s sex appeal only goes so far, apparently….

Posted: March 24, 2011 by ConGear in Introduction

Hey ConGear fans!

Looks like Mike has been making sure we’re still relevant. Fate help us all…

All that aside, we’ve got a huge amount of stuff  to bring you, including introducing two new people you’ll be seeing on our Sakura-Con episode!

First, we must introduce our tame otaku.

Some say, he is BitTorrent. Others say, he has USB slots where his eyes should be. All we know is, he’s called the Twig!

The Twig will be seen in a lot of our films, plus it’s his job to assist stars in our Anime-Like car. He recently beat Bressler’s 1:20.9 around our track, and posted a 1:18.7.

We also have a second person to introduce.

Our producers insisted that we needed a fourth presenter. Someone who was more attractive and younger. This made us all very angry. Mike’s vanity was sullied (he was so sad, he cried himself out of our last video), Tanis no longer felt like a cute gay, and, well, I’m the most attractive person on the Internet.

We did eventually acquiesce and let the producers select a fourth presenter:

(Photo Courtesy Tom Good)

Welcome Bronte McKinney to the ConGear team! She’s an incredibly talented cosplayer who will be doing some additional con review work for us, as well as appearing in our next ConGear challenge film, which you will see at Sakura-Con! Welcome her aboard and make her feel as welcome as you have Mike!

Keep an eye out for exciting news here as well as our YouTube channel – where we try to update it at least once a week!


  1. congear says:

    Welcome Bronte!

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