Meltingmirror Interview!

Posted: March 23, 2011 by Mike in Interviews

Well, its that time again! We, at ConGear, have done it again! We scored an interview with the illustrious Meltingmirror! This cosplayer may be best known for her Styria Shiva cosplay! So, without much more from me, here is your content!

Q: When did you start cosplaying and why did you start?

A: I started cosplaying in 2004. It was the first convention in my city. My friends were really excited about it and they wanted to dress up. I was opposed to it but I gave in.

Q: What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done and why?

A: My favourite costume has to be my Scout from Grando Espada. I just love all the small details in it. The colour scheme is great. It is a costume to suits me. It was also a challenge to sew so it gave me a great sense of accomplishment to finish it. Another perk is that it is also comfy to wear.

Q: What do you do to come up with a cosplay to make?

A: I keep a folder on my computer where any costume or character that interests me gets saved. Some come from series I follow, others from looking up what other cosplayers make researching the series. I often go through the folder and whichever ones I keep staring at are usually the ones I make. For the most part the costumes must have some design that attracts me. I can see a figurine at a convention that I like and that all I need to decide to make it.

Q: What was your hardest cosplay you made?

A: By far, the toughest one I made was my Styria cosplay of the Shiva Sisters from Final Fantasy 13.

Q: What made it hard?

A: It required all my skills and learning some new ones to make it work. I find it was more a engineering project than a costume project. Figuring out the measurements to scale, finding a way to balance the headdress on my head, how is it put on and removed, how do all the armour pieces interact, how do I move around… It was a lot of planning, sketching, crafting which took a lot of time. It was all learning on the fly and I was lucky enough not to have to remake any parts.

Q: What was the easiest thing about it?

A: The spandex body suit underneath all the armour was the easiest part. It was the only sewing required for the entire project.

Q: Have you ever competed in a masquerade or other kind of cosplay contest?

A: I take part in quite a few masquerades. Now that I compete at the highest level, master or craftsman, I am being more selective of which to compete in. I am trying to go to new conventions to test my skills there.

Q: If so, what was the most memorable part of it?

A: I really like hanging out in the green room and meeting new people. You can learn a lot of great tips from other cosplayers. The time you spend on stage is a blip compared to the hours you spend backstage. I made a lot of friends there.

Q: What would you tell to some of our readers who are new to cosplay and what you did when you first started?

A: If you are just starting out, I suggest picking a project within your skill level and sticking to it. Do your research and look for any tutorials that can help you out. Cosplayers are usually very open so ask around for some tips and tricks. I started by getting a brief sewing lessons from my grandmother and woodworking / workshop advice from my father. Family is usually willing to help after they get over the strangeness of the hobby.

Thank you so much! Well, if you guys want to check more of her work out, you can find her on her Web pageDeviantArt, Cosplay Lab, American Cosplay Paradise, Cure, and her!

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