Hey there loyal watchers!

Posted: February 6, 2011 by Mike in Plugs

Hey there friends! Mike here!
Our friends over at 1up Island have asked up to take some time to talk about their little project going on over there!
Some of you might be asking, well, what IS 1up Island? Well, they are all about videogame related projects, animations, videos, voice acting, livestreaming, and reviews. They cover a bunch of different platforms, anything from PC to the new 3DS coming out near the end of next month.
Not interested in gaming news? Don’t sweat it! They have plenty of other things to talk about! Interested in 16bit animation? They have that too! 1up Island has a lot to offer in the way of animations, and some of their music is self made!
So, for those of you – our loyal watchers – want to pass some time in between our rantings, run your selfs over to 1up Island!

– Mike

  1. I find myself wanting to go somewhere called 1-Up Island for a tropical vacation… maybe a cruise…

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